JOYity — The Most Exciting Location-Based Gaming Platform

Unlike other games, JOYity turns your actual environment into a part of the game. No matter where you are. You’ll perform tasks to accomplish a mission, and everything will be real: You, your environment — and your opponents!

JOYity is live: There’s no saving point or reset button. You’re in the middle of the action, you’ve got to reckon with anything and… you’re not alone! Therefore, be quick, be smart and be cunning. Your opponent certainly is!

JOYity is a game designed for people to participate. In JOYity, you can take your part as a player or as a game designer. Both is a real challenge to rise to. Whether as a game designer or as a player: Take your cell phone with you! It’s your key to play or design, and it’s gonna assist you along the way.

NOTE: Initially, JOYity is for use on both Android smartphones and Java (J2ME) phones (download here). For iPhone a version will follow.

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